• The Goblin Count

    Goblins Killed: 3
    Goblins Jailed: 3
    Goblins Needing Medical Help: 3
    Goblins Escaped (boo!): 3
    Citizens saved: 7
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Goblin wears mask, threatens clerk, is shot dead

In Jackson, MS a perpetrator walks into the Chuk Stop wearing a clown mask, and robs it. He then threatened the store clerk, who followed 23-year-old Terrence Prior of Jackson from the store, chased him and shot him, police will not charge him with murder, JPD spokesman Lt. Jeffery Scott said.

“In my opinion, what the clerk did was well with the parameters of the Castle Doctrine law,” Scott said Monday, referring to a 2-year-old law that allows Mississippians to not retreat but use deadly force when they believe they are in imminent danger.

That’s good news to all us law abiding citizens.

Scott said Prior did several things that gave the store clerk the right, under the law, to shoot him.
“After the alleged robbery occurred, the suspect pointed the weapon as he was walking out, like he was saying, ‘Don’t follow me, or I’m going to kill you,’ ” Scott said. “He didn’t just take the money and leave. That’s when the clerk felt threatened, and that’s when he retrieved his weapon and started after the suspect.”
Scott said the Castle Doctrine also holds up if a property owner intervenes during a felony. Armed robbery is a felony.
The last thing Prior did was shoot at the clerk as the clerk was chasing him, Scott said.

What did Forest Gump say? “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Charlie Ross, who drafted the Castle Doctrine law when he was a state senator, said he agreed with police not charging the clerk.
“The guy who committed the crime is the guy who came in the store with the gun and the mask,” Ross said.

You guys have a good legislator there. You might want to keep him.
I love the comment in the article from the person who owns the business next door to the chuk stop.

Derek Smith, owner of the Next Level Car Wash, which is located next door to the Chuk Stop, said he can’t understand why so many people are robbing each other.
“It’s sad that the young people around here don’t want to work and they want to take from the people who work hard everyday,” Smith said.

You said it all, Sir.


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