• The Goblin Count

    Goblins Killed: 3
    Goblins Jailed: 3
    Goblins Needing Medical Help: 3
    Goblins Escaped (boo!): 3
    Citizens saved: 7
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Oh, Mon, sorry

A story of two goblins out to rob a convenience store when one of them doesn’t know how to operate a gun. from radio Jamaica,

A would-be robber was shot dead by his crony after the two attempted to rob a grocery store in Stony Hill, St. Andrew Thursday night.

Usually we talk about citizens protecting themselves but this qualifies as dumb, bad and dead.

Cowen Eddie, 48, who is more popularly known as “Chei” of Brooks Level Road in Stony Hill is dead.

He was shot and killed after he and another man, both of whom were armed with guns, went to a shop in Stony Hill about 10:20pm where Eddie ordered cigarettes.

This doesn’t sound bad, but wait for it…

While being served, Eddie reportedly opened fire, hitting the store clerk.

I guess he wanted the other brand of cancer sticks.

His crony then started firing wildly and in the process, shot Eddie who died on the spot.

“Sorry Mon, thats a big hole, let me try to fix that.”

This is why dumb goblins shouldn’t have guns


Two out of four ain’t bad

On 11/17/08 a Monday evening, some goblins walked into Youssouf Drame’s variety store in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, NY and being stupid goblins they decided to rob the place.

“They stormed in and said, ‘Everyone get down” said Drummond Bignott, 19, an employee. Bignott was then pistol-whipped, sending him sprawling to the floor. A second man demanded that Drame, 35, hand over the store’s cash register, but the shop owner pushed back and grabbed his attacker’s handgun, Bignott said.

“He was fighting with the guys and took the gun away,” Bignott said. “And then everyone started shooting.”

Despite being hit in the stomach, Drame squeezed off several shots, fatally wounding two of the would-be robbers.

Thank you, Mr Drame.

A yet unidentified man was hit several times in the abdomen and died in the store. The second looser Leon Harris, 26, was hit in the torso and staggered outside and collapsed on the sidewalk. He died at a local hospital shortly there after.

Two lookouts managed to escape, oh well, as meatloaf or in this case Ted Nugent would sing “Two out of Four ain’t bad”

Mr. Drame underwent surgery and is currently in critical condition will not face charges. He better not! He is a hero!

I hope this warns all you ill tempered goblins out there, commit a crime, end up dead. It will probably not, but then I would have to close this little blog down.

And I like this.