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    Goblins Killed: 3
    Goblins Jailed: 3
    Goblins Needing Medical Help: 3
    Goblins Escaped (boo!): 3
    Citizens saved: 7
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Shreveport goblin killed when he attempted robery

I found this story here.

A Shreveport man was killed when he tried to rob two men sitting in their car. Well the dead man walking decided he could make money easier stealing it instead of working I guess.

Police responding to hearing gunshots found Messiah Demery, 27, shot once in the chest.

Police said Demery had been trying to rob two men — Rodrigus Kennedy and Shamicheal Kennedy — as they sat in a car in the driveway of the house. Rodrigus got a gun and shot Demery, police said.

Police found the gun used in the shooting, they also found some marijuana where the gun is so Rodrigus is going to jail because of that.

The dummy decided to rob a guy with some pot. He didn’t want to share so he shot him. this story would have been nicer with some innocent people involved, but one less goblin is one less goblin is one less goblin.