• The Goblin Count

    Goblins Killed: 3
    Goblins Jailed: 3
    Goblins Needing Medical Help: 3
    Goblins Escaped (boo!): 3
    Citizens saved: 7
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Gainesville robber gains some lead

On Saturday November the 8th a wanna-be robber walked into a convenience store and demanded money. This is a stupid idea to start with but this goblin had the misfortune to try to rob a store that had been robbed the day before.

Well, we never have said goblins are smart. I hope this ends bad for the goblin.

The dumb goblin walked up to the clerk, who was apparently talking on the phone.

That’s when the idiot demanded cash.

The clerk asked him to repeat what he had said. He again demanded cash and this time fired a round from his gun inside the store.

That must have gotten the clerks undivided attention, poor goblin. Snirk..

The clerk pulled a gun from under the counter and shot him in the chest. Yes, way to go clerk.

The Gainesville Police Department spent much of Sunday afternoon searching for the would-be robber.

I would try any area ER or the Morgue. ROTF LMAO

The man was described as white, in his early to mid 20’s with short hair that may have been blonde.

With a big hole in his chest.

That is all